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From K. Variation form occupied Beethoven throughout his composing career. This first volume of Henle's two-volume edition of all his piano variations includes works from Beethoven's time in Bonn as well as his early years in Vienna, composed between and Beethoven mostly took his themes from arias or songs from stage works that were popular at the time.

Besides offering simple figurations around the melodic lines, he also made more radical variations of his chosen material, pointing the way forward to his future character variations. The musical text of this Urtext edition has been completely revised on the basis of the critical report of the Beethoven Complete Edition. There is also a detailed preface and commentary. Interludium, Le triomphe funebre du Tasse, 2. Marche hongroise 1st version , 2. Marsch der Kreuzritter, Offertorium, 1.

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Mephisto-Walzer R. Fassung R. This beautiful collection of contemporary solo piano music by Elena Kats-Chernin, a prolific and celebrated Australian composer, is a feast for the intermediate to advanced pianist Kats-Chernin's understanding of the language of balletic movement, at once both highly rhythmic and lyric, is strongly felt. Through all - moods whimsical, sorrowful, contemplative and soaring - the composer's voice is clear and colorful.

His musical style is characterized by elaborate harmonies and a melodic construction that is most often modal.

Sea Pieces, Opus Piano Book: Edward MacDowell

The use of folksong, or even its evocation in an imaginary folklore, is a frequent feature of his works. Here, for the first time in one album, is the whole of his piano output, with the exception of his teaching pieces for children, which are republished separately. Eleven selected piano pieces by the master Czech composer of the early twentieth century. Late Intermediate to Advanced Level.

Jan Hugo Vorisek , born the year that Mozart died, is, we believe, the one who stands out amongst the Bohemian composers at the time of Beethoven.

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He is currently enjoying a well-deserved renaissance. Our edition of selected piano works, edited by Dana Zahn, focuses on shorter pieces Impromptus, Fantasy, Variations , but also contains a real gem: the B minor Piano Sonata Quasi una Fantasia op. The two-piano version that appears here was transcribed by the composer himself. Edited and introduced by renowned pianist Daniel Glover, these works were reproduced from authoritative sources.

Inventory of Orchestra Music Libraries (IOML)

Urtext editions of: Six Etudes Op. Characterized as a futurist and ultra-modernist, Ornstein created daring, dissonant works that excited both admiration and contempt. Chor, Orch. C-Dur Hob. VIIb:1 [sound recording] 1 copy Symphony in G major no. XVI 1 copy Symphony no.

Contemporary Piano Repertoire for Young Performers

Organ Concerto No. Schubert: Symphony No. Mendelssohn: Fair Melusine… 1 copy Symphony No. John's,… 1 copy Organ Concerto Hob. Chopin: Ballade No. Nocturne Op. Telemann: Concerto 2 Oboes, etc.

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  • Berry, Janowitz, Hollweg 1 copy Piano Trios. Symphony no. XV 1 copy Ballo Tedesco. XV No. I - "The Miracle" 1 copy Symphony No. I: 92 - "Oxford" 1 copy Symphony No. I: 93 1 copy Symphony No. I 1 copy Symphony No. I: 1 copy Cello Concerto in D major Op. I ; Symphony in G major, Hob. VIIa:1 1 copy Symphony no. Stumphius, S. Vlle, n. Edition Schott 1 copy Symphony no. VII b. Volume II… 1 copy Symphonie nr. Concerto in F major 1 copy Kompositionen 1 copy Piano sonatas Hob.

    Sonata in G. Two years later, she won a scholarship to the newly founded Royal Academy of Music, where she studied voice with George Henschel and Jenny Lind. As a teacher and composer, she played an important role in the musical life of the black community in London. Her music has strong rhythmic appeal: one of her best-known works, Three African Dances for piano, used West African themes and was later arranged for a variety of instrumental groups.

    The main theme, a grim march, opens with an octave leap followed by a descending natural-minor scale, all over a tonic pedal. A dotted-note motif in major keys surges upward by steps, then drops down, to be repeated an octave higher. Marianna studied composition with Salieri, and both she and her sister Katharina were fine keyboard players known and respected by Haydn and the Mozart family. Both deserve to be known throughout Europe through the public newspapers.

    Glickman Hildegard, Level: Mid- I ntermediate.

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    • E-flat major, 15 pp. This edition is the only modern publication of the complete sonata. I : Moderate common time, 6 pp. Sonata-allegro form; strongly rhythmic, with triadic themes emphasizing tonic and dominant on every strong beat. Serene, graceful arioso. Boisterous and clever, with sudden contrasts in dynamics, articulation, and texture. Hinson Alfred, and Women Composers for the Harpsichord, ed.

      "At an Old Trysting Place" Woodland Sketches Op. 51 No. 3 by E. MacDowell

      Vienna, Sep 25, —d. She studied piano with Richter and Kozeluch, and when she was twenty-two, with Mozart, with whom she fell in love. Mozart did not return her affection, but he respected her abilities, playing concerts with her, and composing the K. I n , Auernhammer married Johann Bessenig, a civil servant, but she continued to perform and teach under her maiden name. They had four children, including their daughter Marianna Auenheim, who herself became a well-known pianist and voice teacher.

      Auernhammer excelled at extemporaneous variations of a given theme, and most of her more than sixty works are well-crafted keyboard variations.