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The blogger continues to post almost daily, alternating between subjects either famous or uber-rich. Even with a connection to McClain, there are many questions left unanswered: Are there other individuals involved? And what was it all for — notoriety?

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A cheap thrill? Or, as Yolanda herself hinted on the blog, money? About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Hot Property. Leitereg Staff Writer. July 13, Does it bother us as agents? It certainly does. Jordan Cohen, real estate agent.

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Yolanda revealed intimate details of a transaction involving reality television personality Kylie Jenner well before the sale closed in August. My clients have no interest in being public figures.

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Hi Glen and Ramsey, great post and congrats on getting the job on the ViperChill team, how can people stay anonymous these days when many blogs either automatically or manual delete comments from people that do not use a real name? They often think it is spammy if you do not use a real name, I for one have a real reason why I cannot show my identity. Yeah I think that is a real issue for a lot of workers nowadays. Companies are really worried about things their staff say on social media and blogs.

What an awesome way to reveal your identity, Ramsay. Seeing you team up with Glenn is like reading about two blogging superheroes joining forces.

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I started getting e-mails from people who liked my stories and photos, and wanted to know how they could travel too. Since that site is more of a personal journal, I thought it would be better to build a new site. More focused on the audience and sharing advice. The process took a lot longer than I expected.

Made myself learn web design, Internet marketing, and now video production. I feel like video would be a great way to stand out from other travel bloggers and make a personal connection with my audience. My fears: —YouTube commenters. There a lot of nasty, hurtful things written on that site. Really need to just give myself permission to get out there and let the audience be the judge.

The videos will be about the information, not on showing off amazing destinations.

Titania McGrath: 'Queen of woke Twitter culture' sheds his online mask

That allows me to make screencasts where you can see my computer screen and hear my voice, but not see my face. For the sake of speed, I might outsource some design work, like getting custom YouTube and Twitter backgrounds. Thanks to you and Glenn for helping me get there sooner. Hi Marcus, are you open to guest posts on your blog? Let me know. I was so delighted to see Blog Tyrant um I mean Ramsay reveal himself, that I forgot to tell you my deepest problems! So how to get readers.

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How to retain readers. And how to turn readers into subscribers.

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  • Ha Ha! Or not! I constantly read articles on how to blog and on what makes a good blog and try to convert that to my own writing. I am now at the point where I want to learn how to monetise my site without taking away the personality of the blog. I would also appreciate any feedback you may make. Regards to you both. Cindy p. Been following VC for a while and absolutely love the high quality contents, and I trust whoever GA partners with has the same quality. About myself, I am in Digital industry office job but ironically not really making any moolah online.

    I apologize for only replying to your message now but things have been quite busy the last day or two. I am doing very well thanks, especially now that my new site is launched! I have compiled a FREE email course on the subject of complete domain management that is available to my subscribers. I trust that the course will give people the basic knowledge and understanding on how to effectively manage their domains for optimal results.

    Then something else I am very excited about is my latest eBook on traffic generation that should be releasing early next week! I have worked together with 10 highly successful bloggers with the likes of Jon Morrow, Derek Halpern, Ana Hoffman and a few others to put together a comprehensive publication of their personal tested and proved strategies used by themselves on a regular basis that are the driving force behind their personal traffic generation success. Would have been nice though had I known you two maestros before I started the book!

    I think you guys would have been a priceless addition to the already insightful content. Maybe next time! I think my most serious problem is the language. I do know how to write in English, but making a post enticing and attracting is far different from putting some words together.

    I am always get stucked at writing. Maybe I should blame on myself for lacking of knowledge.

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    • But I want to improve I desire improvement. So can you give me some tips to, you know, enhance my writing skills day by day?

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      I think it is great that you will be working in conjunction with Glen on VC, I have no doubt that this decision will only enhance the experience that we already receive from Glen at the moment. I also think the decision to unmask in this way and at this time is a stand out move by both of you.

      The fact that you have explained your thinking behind the move reassures everyone that you will be forthright, straightforward and honest with your opinions and articles while writing for VC, this can only be a good thing for all concerned. I hope you enjoy the time you have working with Glen and VC, and I look forward to reading more of your posts and as to how VC will evolve over time.