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I, need to feed You, need to bleed Pain, will subdue As I sink my teeth into you Walking corpses chew on children Screams and moans deafen all sounds The smell of decayed bodies fills the air As the dead rise from the ground The dead, rise up, they're go, ing to consume you Escape is futile, out-numbered to 1.

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Your only chance is to fight back Smash the brains of everyone Escape is futile, your enemy feels no pain. Your only chance is to fight back Napalm incineration Chaos is everywhere, streets lined with bodies, gutters filled with blood The battle will ensure, no victor shall remain The best once could hope for, is merely to survive They're clawing The skin ripped from their finger-tips Straight bone provides a better grip They're tarring The meat off of my ligaments The taste of me, gives them bliss.

Watch video. For many of us, the cost of fuel is one of our biggest regular expenses, and it's no surprise New Zealanders like to keep a close watch on the price.

I treat teens who attempted suicide. Here’s what they told me.

There are two main reasons for rising fuel prices. The first is that world demand for fuel is exceeding exploration and refinery capacity.


This is what has traditionally caused prices to rise. When supply is tight, disruptions or the mere threat of disruption to oil well or refinery capacity — such as war or a natural disaster — can cause prices to spike. It's now government policy for all petrol tax to be directed back into New Zealand's road and transport system.

The AA lobbied hard on behalf of motorists to achieve this. Previously, over a third of the tax collected on petrol was diverted by the government to other areas of spending.

The second reason is investment speculation. Money from investment funds is being invested in commodities like food and oil in response to a weaker world economic climate and a weak US dollar.

In Westminster, MPs felt Brexit fury. At home they see hate rising

This investment in oil stocks is helping to drive up prices. Increases in world oil or refined product prices result in fuel price rises at the pump, though if the NZ dollar is strong against the US dollar motorists are buffered to an extent. When the NZ dollar falls, pump prices rise because all fuel is purchased in US dollars. Generally, any international price changes are almost immediately passed on to the motorist.

This works well for consumers when prices are falling and when there are both price rises and falls, but is often seen as unfair when prices are continually rising.

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Motorists quite rightly feel they are paying today's new price for product that was purchased by the oil companies at yesterday's lower price. A large amount of the price we pay for petrol is tax collected by the government.

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This is mainly spent on roads, road safety policing and public transport. And push us from our stools. This is more strange. Than such a murder is. My worthy lord,.

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The wordplay offers a few possible interpretations: The obvious meaning is that Banquo has risen from the dead, despite twenty mortal wounds murders on his head crown , and taken Macbeth's seat stool at the banquet. These lines could also be read as a description of these treasonous times, when someone would rise up in rebellion against the king and push him from his throne stool by committing murders which are on his head where now sits the crown.

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