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The Savage Hawkman Vol.

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Daniel, James Bonny. Published by DC Comics. Half Price Books Inc. Dallas, TX, U. The Flash: Barry Allen. Suzie Ming. Superman: Clark Kent: Kal-El. Cyborg: Victor Stone. Iron Eagle. Roy Harper. Amanda Waller. Martian Manhunter: J'onn J'onzz. Green Lantern: Hal Jordan.

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Wonder Woman: Diana Prince. Aquaman: Arthur Curry. Naomi Singh. Darius Digby. Hogarth Kane. Professor Ziegler. Emma Ziegler. Gentleman Jim Craddock. Green Arrow: Oliver Queen.

Review: The Savage Hawkman Vol. 1- Darkness Rising

Hawkman: Katar Hol. Jimmy Crew. Julius Gates. According to rumor, the various post-Crisis revamps had been so many and so contradictory, that writers would actually refuse to use the character.

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Whether that was true or not, Hawkman really made no sense at all. Johns managed to finesse a lot of the damage and combine all the various origins into a cohesive whole that actually expanded the character. That was practically magic! That's all been dumped by "The New 52," of course.

As I noted, the first issue begins with Carter Hall having already been Hawkman for a while, with no origin story or reference to his pre-issue 1 activities, which is practically comic-book-superhero malpractice. I didn't know that about Zauriel, Philip. Now that you say it, it makes sense of that character that seemed to come out of left field. Also Tim Truman's exciting Hawkworld mini, instead of a revision of the Silver Age Hawkman's origins for which it was intended to be , became the first appearance of the Post-Crisis Hawkman and Hawkwoman.

Philip , I rather recall that the last installment of COIE showed people still living - who were later declared to have been eliminated by a never-depicted post-Crisis " second wave " , Captain Marvel for one. Philip Portelli said:. Oh, I see I did One casualty of all the dicking around with Hawkman before Johns was that Robinson did some foreshadowing of Hawkman to appear in his Starman , but that fell by the wayside, with Robinson apologising in the letters pages for not being able to follow through on that.

Looking them up, Animal Man 6 would have appeared in late , whereas Hawkworld 1 was dated August I don't see why Hawkman gets a hard time in general.

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  • He's a hero that harks back to the pulps, and he's got a cool distinctive look. Comicbooks are as much about eye-pleasing forms rendered in 2 dimensions as anything else. Superhero comics area ll about being able to fly, after all! Although his mother must worry about him going out without a warm vest in winter.

    By and large, he's not that terribly interesting, at least not solo. In the Golden Age, he worked reasonably well as that type of character had a great deal of mass appeal, but even then his stories were better when Shiera was around--despite the fact that she wasn't much as a crimefighter not to say she didn't help out, but in the stories I've read she seemed to be more likely to get captured or make a mistake by trying to clear up a case without Hawkman. In the Silver Age--once again, in the stories I've read--Shayera was the true appeal.

    She was a no-nonsense butt kicker just as much as Katar was, and the stories suffered when she was off-panel, at least in my estimation. Couple that with the fact that the Hawks didn't really have many quality foes Shadow Thief and I.

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    Quimby notwithstanding , and you were essentially reading a Green Arrow story with wings instead of arrows. Very little was done to really play up the idea that the Hols were aliens from a culture that had to be radically different from Earth's. I would call Hawkman a character with lots of potential that's never been reached. Figserello said:. I suppose that's all in the execution.


    The character himself has a pulp potential, if handled right. Wednesday Comics Hawkman was pretty good - for all of 12 pages, but still. Johns did very well to highlight the 'eternal romance' thing. It looks obvious in hindsight, but that's always the case with good ideas.

    Dark Nights Metal Tie In: Hawkman Found

    He's an interesting visual, and such personality as he had worked well when set against other characters. He can just be part of the texture of the DCU and a good guest character now and again.