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To which The imperial decisions of the s granted Jews greater freedom of occupation,mobility,economicactivity,andtheownershipofmostformsofreal property. In the constitutional monarchic union between the HabsburgsandtheKingdomofHungaryledtotheformationofaDualMonarchy theaustro HungarianEmpire andbroughtadivisionoftheformeraustrian Empire. The Habsburg state now shared power with the Hungarian government;eachstatewasindependentyetsharedcertaincommonministries.

Themainaimsof the Czech Jewish movement were to develop a religious philosophical concept of assimilation as an internal process and to synthesise Czechness and Jewishness. Antisemitism was not a new phenomenon in the Czech lands, the first instance being recorded in Antisemitic sentiment continued to fester in theyearsleadinguptotheoutbreakofthefirstandthenthesecondworldwars. The problems Jews faced in Czech or German assimilation, including the rise of antisemitism at the end of the century, contributed to the development of the Jewish national movement or Zionism.

Zionists aimed to transform the idea of a return to the original homeland, to Zion, as a traditional symbol of redemption. They questioned the basis of assimilation by insisting that their ethnic affiliation wasneithergermannorczechbutjewish. Onewhich washighlypublicisedwasthehilsnercase. Anantisemiticrumourwascirculated determiningthatritualmurderwasthecauseofherdeath. Hisvisiondevelopedoutofthechanges occurringinjewishself understanding,leadingto anewcollectivereassertionof Judaism, in parallel with the triumphant ideology of emancipation and the individualisationofjudaismtowhichitwastogivebirth[ ].

The youth movements attached to the Zionists were Makkabi and Hagibor; both of thesemovementswereactiveintheresienstadt. Alterations to the political map and the growth of populations throughout Europe, coupled with the rapid growth of thejewishpopulationitself,broughtarichculturalcross fertilisation. From the latter part of the nineteenth century, primarily due to economicproblems,manyjewsbegantomigratefromeasterntowesterneurope. Publishers, ,p.


Table 1. These are statistics which typify, externally at least, significant sociological changes which were occurring in the Czech lands. In addition, the 57Tablecompiledonthebasisofinformationfromthefollowingsources:HillelJ. Withinthatten yearperiod,itis clear that the national movement towards a collective Czech identity was slowly beginningtogainafootholdintheczechlands. As these people progressed through the educational system or pursueddifferentcareerpaths,theybegantorebelagainsttheprevailingpolitical andculturalallegiancesofthejewishcommunity.

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Participation in musical performance and general music making was encouraged by the development of musicalsocieties,conservatoriesandpublishingfirms. The factors mentioned above, combined with the movements of the Jewish communities towards greater assimilation, enhanced the musical 61LewisStevens,Composers of Classical Music of Jewish Descent, Portland,OR:MitchellVallentine, ,p. An overview of the origins of other contemporary composers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries reveals a correlation between geographicallocationandthemovementofhaskalahthroughouteurope.

National revival in the Czech lands, nationalistic elements of Romantic composition, and movements towards modernism in music, contributed significantly to this attitude.


Musik für Kriege 1

These developmentsandinfluencesshapedthemusiccompositionsandperformancesof 62OneexampleisYekhielMikhlGuzikov alsoknownasMichalJozef; ,aklezmer musicianfromthetownofshklov,inpresent daybelarus,whoachievedfameplayingthecimbalom inconcertsacrosswesterneurope. These initiatives paralleled the sociological changes occurringinczechsociety,reflectingthepredominantgermanandczechcultural emphases.

The establishment of the Prague Conservatory addressed the needs of both Czech and German communities. After , there was a greater push towards more Czech nationalist influence which is evident, for example, in the publication of the first collection of Czech folksongs and the increased productionandperformanceofczech relatedmusicandtheatre seetable1.

In the inter war period there were only , Jews living in Czechoslovakiaandyettheywereveryinvolvedintheeconomicandculturallifeof thecountry. Such statisticssignifiedachangeinjewishself definitionwhenseenincomparisonwith statistics from previous years. From Jews were represented in the government of the newly constitutedczechoslovakianrepublic. This is evident in his writings in which he articulates the precarious situation of Jews in Europe at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Max Brod articulated this dilemma similarly: Czechs,withinAustrianPrague,constitutedthemajority,theGermansaminority, andthejewsaminoritywithinthisminority. Their writing was enriched by the different perspectives integral to their culture. Johannes Urzidil , historian and writer, wrote that the Germanspeaking poets and writers had access to four ethnic sources simultaneously: German,Czech,Jewish,Austrian Thegroupwascomprisedofcomposerandwriter,MaxBrod ,journalistand publicist,robertweltsch ,thephilosopherandwriter,HugoBermann andthejewishphilosopher,martinbuber ,whowasaprominentwriterinbothPolish andgerman.

Assimilation changed the focus of Jewish memory from an exclusively Judaic orientation, to one that embraced the diversity of the new multi ethnic societyofwhichtheywerepart Contribution of European Jews to Music in the Twentieth Century This cultural enrichment was part of the backdrop to the contribution of Jews to musicineuropeinthenineteenthandearlytwentiethcenturies.

SeeGlossaryofTerms inthepreliminarysectionofthisthesis. Bothwere internedintheresienstadt. The information in Table 1. Many ofthemusiciansinternedintheresienstadthadbeenpartofanactivemusicallife in Prague, Brno, and elsewhere in Europe in their pre War lives. The eclectic nature of the involvement of these notable performers, conductors, and composers, some of whom were later incarcerated in the Theresienstadt Ghetto, illustrates the richness and diversity of their backgrounds.

Gathered in TheresienstadtwereprofessionalmusiciansschooledintherubricsofClassicism, Romanticism, Nationalism and Expressionism. Similarly,theywereinfluencedbytheworksofsome of the Jewish composers of France Darius Milhaud and Austria GustavMahler andbythemoreeasterninfluencesofrussia Dmitri Shostakovitch whichtheyheardinconcertperformancesinprague andbrno. Such exposure would have widenedthemusicalandconceptualhorizonsofthecomposersoftheresienstadt in their pre War lives. Their identities were being formed, not just musically, in their own self definition as Jews in the contemporary world of that time.

The influencesexertedontheirlivesthroughthemusicwhichtheyexperiencedwould later become part of their collective memory which would sustain them through their oppressed lives as prisoners in Theresienstadt.


These eclectic influences, representative of the evolving multi ethnic society of the Czech lands, found Intheinter Warperiod ,musicallifewasdeemedtobepart oftherehabilitationofgermanyafterthehumiliationofdefeatinworldwari. The initial post World War I period brought rapid growth to the performance, composition and dissemination of music, without censorship.

Under the leadership of the Republic s foreign minister, Gustav Stresemann , between the years and,economicandculturalgrowthaccelerated. Potter,Most German of the Arts,p.