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The team behind the making of 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould this time film the biography of a musical instrument: a violin that travels through a variety of hands over several centuries.

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Castellaneta; with Mitchell Anderson, T. An ensemble comedy, this film explores the sexual and romantic relationships within a group of gay and straight friends. This award-winning documentary presents the story of the American flyers who were captured and imprisoned at the Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam War. Using interviews with the former POWs and some previously unseen Vietnamese footage, the filmmakers place the emphasis on the experience of the military men and their techniques for survival.

This marks the long-anticipated big-screen debut of Matt Stone and Trey Parker's animated citizens from the hit TV show. The plot revolves around the escapades of Kenny and gang, who sneak into an R-rated movie and then show off their newly learned profanity for the adults of South Park, which ultimately sparks a war on censorship. Sounds like as good an excuse as any to utter all the things that can't be said on TV. Disney touts this update of the Edgar Rice Burroughs tale as a fresh account of the classic story, one that truly outstrips its predecessors.

Indeed, the filmmakers break all the rules in this animated version in which Tarzan develops grand athletic ability, struggles against modern man, and falls for a woman named Jane. In this Quinn brothers endeavor director Paul Quinn, actor Aidan Quinn, and cinematographer Declan Quinn , Caan plays lonely, disaffected schoolteacher Kieran Johnson, who leaves Chicago to search out the truth of his father's identity. With his nephew along, Kieran travels to Ireland and into the past, into the sorrowful love story of poorhouse bastard Kieran O'Day Quinn and Fiona Flynn, Johnson's mother.

With some magical assistance, some lovers get the unique opportunity for "do-overs" in relationships that have gone wrong.

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David Mamet confounds expectations with this film adaptation of the play by Terence Rattigan, a chestnut of the British stage. The story is based on a real-life case, and recounts the story of an ordinary man and his family going up against the intransigent British legal and social establishment of the early s.

Such button-down Brits seem a far cry from Mamet's usual profanity-spewing male strugglers, but the result should be jolly interesting. Scott, Mena Suvari. A group of high-school seniors makes a pact to lose their virginity by prom night.

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This comedy, of course, harbors no cruel intentions. July 9. A recently widowed college professor and his son living in suburban Washington, D. Should the welcome wagon ostracize suspected terrorists? Rohmer's award-winning screenplay for this final segment of his Tales of the Four Seasons is set in a vineyard in the south of France and lays out the tale of a lonely widow whose friends are set on finding her a new love. A romantic comedy, inimitably Rohmer -- graceful filmmaking with astute dialogue and thoroughly realized characters -- the autumn portion may be the sunniest installment in his quartet.

Bertolucci returns to a more intimate kind of filmmaking in this story about emotional power and mood. When her husband is abducted by the government in her politically oppressive homeland, a young African woman Beloved 's Newton flees and ends up in Rome, keeping house for an Englishman while she attends medical school nearby.

Her employer, a self-absorbed classical composer, is enchanted by her, a woman very much outside his realm of experience. One of the summer's most anticipated movies, The Blair Witch Project is a low-budget fright fest filmed in documentary style. Three student filmmakers vanish in the woods while researching an old regional legend July Summer of Sam.


Rompsters Martin and Murphy gather an impressive ensemble cast for their first onscreen collaboration. Martin, who also co-wrote the script, plays ineffectual movie producer Bobby Bowfinger, who collects a posse of misfits for his final, full-out run at the brass ring. A dark, disturbing drama from Australia, The Boys depicts the return of Brett Sprague to his family after being released from prison. Contact with his mother and younger brothers is the catalyst for increasing violence and insanity in their closed-off world from which there seems to be no escape.

Friends compete in this French comedy to see who can bring the most boring guest to dinner. One man brings an accountant who then takes over his life. Told in a mockumentary style, this ensemble comedy spoofs a small town's obsession with its teenage beauty pageant.

The film's original title was Dairy Queens. Certainly the summer's second most talked-about movie, the only thing that remains to be seen is whether this steamy movie about cheating marital therapists, starring Kidman and Cruise in their riskiest business yet, is really a legacy worthy of the legendary auteur, who died five days after he showed the final cut. This is the second film version of Shirley Jackson's spooky chiller The Haunting of Hill House not to be confused with The House on Haunted Hill , a remake of the Vincent Price camp classic, coming out this fall.

Helmed by Speed 's Jan De Bont, The Haunting recounts the unfolding terror that ensues when a doctor, played by Neeson, beckons three insomniac test studies to spend a night in a fabled haunted mansion. Oooh, scaaaary.

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In this romantic comedy inspired by the year-old play by Oscar Wilde, a London gentleman who has everything a man could want is about to be undone by an old dark secret. Moving around these bits of chicanery, deception, and friendship is an exceptional cast led by Elizabeth 's Cate Blanchett. Hollywood draws yet another cup from the golden tap of TV past in this live-action rendition of the popular cartoon series. Matthew Broderick sleuths about as the clueless Gadget, who searches Riverton City's underworld for the man who exploded his innards and killed the father of his scientist girlfriend.

Kelley and starring Bridget Fonda as a nature-phobic scientist, trailers for this Anaconda knockoff feature a man-eating alligator of Jurassic-era proportions. Laced with equal parts terror and humor, this summer scare feast sits poised to bite into the teen Scream crowd. Leaving Las Vegas ' Mike Figgis continues his reflection on the state of love and humanity.

This narrative follows a man who is depicted at various stages of his life -- as a boy, an adolescent, and a grown man -- and chronicles his formative events and sexual awakenings. Gonzo's an alien, the government's after him, and, well, the Muppets head into space. This sixth entry into the Muppets oeuvre finds our favorite hook-nosed blue beast in a pickle: Board the mother ship for his distant home or stay around for the sequel. Wild, Wild, West. Parvez, an emigrant resident for 25 years, has built a life for wife Minoo and son Farid. Troubled by Farid's turn to Islamic fundamentalism, Parvez grows closer to his one confidante, Bettina, a prostitute whom he chauffeurs.

When Parvez and Bettina's closeness becomes an affair, Farid stirs things into a fundamentalist lather. The Farrelly Brothers There's Something About Mary wrote this Pawtucket comic tale of Timothy Dunphy Hatosy, of The Faculty and his broken family, disordered life, run-in with a police vehicle, and subsequent dispatch to prep school, an encounter which neither he nor the prep school are equipped to weather gracefully. This German comedy-thriller has been lauded for technical virtuosity and breathless smarts.

Manni is a small-time courier for a serious gangster; when his latest delivery of money goes haywire, he calls his girlfriend Lola. With 20 minutes to get to Manni with , Deutschmarks she doesn't have, Lola is off and running. After leaving three grooms cursing her name at the alter, a commitment-phobic bride yields to a misanthropic reporter's desire to write an article about her marital blunders.

Expectations run high for this romantic comedy which reunites director Marshall and romantic leads Roberts and Gere of Pretty Woman fame. This spoof of Merchant-Ivory costume dramas stars some of Britain's best-loved actors. Matchmaking in the countryside goes awry. Arquette plays a typical young gen x-er who becomes increasingly haunted by inexplicable and disturbing spells. When a chance videotape captures one of her encounters with a neighborhood priest during one of these spells, the Vatican dispatches its own investigator Byrne to look into the problem.

Acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee turns the clock back two decades to profile the consequences of the terror inflicted on the city by the actions of serial killer "Son of Sam. This gave the neighborhood vigilantes license to mess with anyone they considered odd -- especially a mohawked young punk rocker played by Adrien Brody. July 2.


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Two years to the day after Mr. Smith and Mr.

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Jones exploded on the screen, their Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld returns with this action comedy, another in a line of films inspired by popular Sixties television series. This time out, Mr. Smith is joined by the eminently charming Mr. Kline, as the two play government agents sniffing the trail of the nefarious Dr.

Loveless Branagh. Participants are required to bring only a pen, paper and their imagination!