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Tehran has said it would severely punish any "mercenaries" arrested for causing civil unrest. Lab data turned over to the anti-doping agency was meant to clear the way for Russian athletes following an earlier doping suspension. Shakir, whose appeal against the expulsion was denied, said it was "an attack on the human rights movement. Rapper Gnawi cursed the police in a live social media post, but said he was drunk when he made the video. The singer said he felt he had been "mistreated by police" after they stopped him and checked his identity papers.

Two priests convicted of sexually abusing deaf children have been sentenced to at least 40 years in prison. One was previously accused of abuse in Italy, but was not sanctioned by the Vatican. Denied asylum, refugees in Japan are being placed in prolonged detention. Some are resorting to hunger strikes. The UN mission and Congo's military will launch joint operations in response. Violent attacks against amateur football officials are not just a problem in Germany. There are more Polish workers in Germany than in the United Kingdom for the first time in over a decade.

The China Cables leak shows Beijing is busy with a monstrous experiment on an entire people, the Uighurs. They need European solidarity in the face of reeducation efforts, argues Matthias von Hein. With his new plan, Tim Berners-Lee aims to halt abuse of the internet by governments, companies and individuals. Despite his imprisonment, Turkish author and journalist Ahmet Altan continues to speak his mind.

The EU's unwillingness to participate in a global environmental treaty is making developing countries very impatient. Whether in the old town, at a castle or in the woods, here are 10 particularly beautiful Christmas markets. You're really into new tech and gadgets?

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Then take part in our survey - and maybe win an iPad! More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting.

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COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Albania hit by biggest quake in decades 3h ago. Hong Kong leader defiant despite election setback 2h ago. Germany under pressure to respond to Uighur internment 14h ago. Greenhouse gas emissions hit new high: UN Unless global greenhouse gas emissions fall by 7. Colombia: First protester dies as marches persist 2h ago.

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Questions over Greece's strict refugee plans 11h ago. France pledges millions to stop domestic violence 8h ago. Georgians call for govt to step down 5h ago.


Second night of violent unrest in Lebanon 7h ago. Thieves nab 'priceless' German treasures Tehran launches pro-government protests 18h ago. Israel expels HRW country director 10h ago. Moroccan rapper jailed for police insults 9h ago. Argentine priests given year sentences 15h ago. Japan's 'hidden darkness' Denied asylum, refugees in Japan are being placed in prolonged detention. Congo: Protesters storm UN base in Beni 15h ago. Violence against refs too common in Europe Violent attacks against amateur football officials are not just a problem in Germany.

Most read Thieves strike priceless treasure trove in Dresden museum heist Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee unveils plan to save the internet They all looked up to Emmanuel, their main breadwinner. Four months on, his daughter, Faustina, six, asks for him constantly, while his son, Takyi, 12, and his four brothers and two sisters wait for answers. Tell them to bring back my son. We are all trying to cope.

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Essien was reported missing on 5 July, after failing to return to the cabin he shared with three Chinese crew — the chief officer, second chief officer and the cook. We know nothing. Essien had been threatened, his family said, for reporting illegality on trawlers and was about to quit. There were times those in charge of the vessel got angry at him for doing that.

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They told him not to. He told me it was difficult. He said it was dangerous work. In a hotel in Accra, several trawlermen from Tema, 15 miles to the east of the city, spoke on condition of anonymity.

Two of them witnessed observers taking bribes, they said. When we heard about an observer going missing, we were very unhappy. It is very dangerous. It was not easy, the fishermen agreed, for an observer to simply fall overboard. There is no way he would do that. I suspect there was a co-ordinated attempt to take him off.

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He was going to write up a report. Perhaps there was a disagreement. The Meng Xin 15 belongs to a Chinese state-owned enterprise, Dalian Meng Xin Ocean Fisheries, according to an investigation by China Dialogue Ocean , which found the fleet has committed 16 fishing offences in Ghana since One former fishing observer said he quit his job after hearing about Essien.

When I found out Emmanuel was missing, I thought the same thing could happen to me. Showing a photo on his phone of a crew member dumping a basket of fish overboard, he said he had to perform his duties covertly.