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Deutsche Welle. Deutschkurse Podcasts. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer. Moment mal: Spaghettimonster? Hinweisschild am falschen Pfosten. Datum Mehr aus der Rubrik.

The German Comics Festival

Aktuell Deutschland Dem Patienten Wald geht es schlecht. IS-Frau nach Deutschland heimgekehrt. Tausende protestieren in Hannover gegen rechts. Deniz Uzun , Kristina. Scott Hendricks , Baron Jaroslav Prus. Spencer Lang , Janek. Martin Zysset , Graf Hauk-Schendorf. Katia Ledoux , Kammerzofe.

Gleb Filshtinsky , Licht. Tieni Burkhalter , Video Artist. Beate Breidenbach , Dramaturgie. Ernst Raffelsberger , Chorleitung.


German-English translation for "widmen"

Kritiken von. Verwandte Artikel. Mehr von Sarah Batschelet. They seem to be very nice, having two sons of their own the older one studying in the UK, the younger one only one year older than my son. So my son will finally have brothers — at least one. On the other hand, the host mother complained about their first exchange student who spent all his spare time in his room hardly communicating with the family.

She was very clear especially for a Japanese! Cherry blossom time in Japan is interesting to watch at least where I had the possibility - so purely anecdotic! Later on the park is packed with people having a picnic and drinking lots of whiskey. The weather report on TV gives detailed information on where the cherry trees are currently blossoming and on how long the people who live further in the north still have to wait.

I've read that they mostly buy Sake and drink that. I hope my son's guest family is aware that he is not allowed to drink any alcohol! But as they are experienced in sending her own son and having exchange students by themselves I am not concerned. The biggest city in Switzerland is Zurich with a population of ca. We are living on the countryside in a village with a population of ca. So for "virus' son" it will be very exciting to stay in such a megacity as Tokyo! After all, we lived in Shanghai, so it was pretty close. It happend to be the cherry blossom season.

We were delighted by the pink colour between the skyscrapers but it was as cold as in German winter!

Historical | The German Graphic Novel

But the Japanese were of course undisturbed and held their joyful picnics - part reverie, part revelry. Actually raised in Germany I still stumble over a comma as a separator for thousands - although I am really used to points dots? But in Germany the comma is still used for the decimal numbers.

Brings me into trouble when using a German or other keyboards with some of our analysis instruments - some of the results use commas, the other dots. Makes a difference when exporting results to Excel. Schnell eine Frage. Wenn ich schreibe: Goethe hat Den Zauberlehrling geschrieben, ist Akk. Das suggeriert, das man den Artikel im Titel flektiert, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher. Und wie macht man das sonst richtig? All these are correct although the first one comes most naturally , whereas both your suggestions are not.

Another little update: On Wednesday we went to the Japanese embassy in Berne. The overall price was The train staff told us several times that they try to solve the problem - at least they were even speaking about evacuating the train.

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After exact 60 minutes the train continued. So we arrived at - the time the embassy closed. So, what? We went again yesterday morning, and everything was fine. I wrote to the SBB Swiss Federal Railways asking what they probably offer me as a compensation, having been forced to pay the tickets two times. Guess what: No answer so fare.

Chef Sache, the Cologne avantgarde cuisine festival taking place next weekend

I'd allow at least a few days for them to answer and not lose hope yet! I think, one day isn't reall long enough for someone to have a look at your complaint and come up with a solution. I had applied for due compensation severeal times, it took weeks everytime. I got compensation though, even for money I spent on bus due to a strike, although a hadn't a ticket I could hand in. Not sure why, but that's what feels most natural to me. Oh, I have a new English teacher, Ms hm -- us Thank you for your corrections.

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  • I am a little bit shocked by the number Have a very nice weekend! I bet you'll find more mistakes here! Is "in making" ok? Kyrieleis only has one, also spoken, so I don't really understand your question it's "gebunden" by the way if you don't leave any pause or space between two consonants or vowels. OT: While a saxophone, horn or other wind instrument does indeed need you to learn an elaborate breathing technique, simply blowing into a recorder won't get you very far as far as producing a musically pleasing sound is concerned, so you do need to learn some breathing technique.

    My son has corrected: Gyoza is also the plural, no s at the end. I will tell you about the result - today we try ready-made Gyoza skins. My Chinese colleague with whom we had Jiaozi last weekend told me the recipe of the dough, though ha! Ver- oder Vorkoster willkommen! Both are possible. Update: The Gyoza were good, only the ready-to-use skins are very thin and tend to dry out quickly.

    Next time we will cover them with plastic or a damp kitchen towel. And the filling was a little bit too gingerish - although I took the same amount as in the recipe for double the meat and Chinese cabbage it was another recipe than in the above link. Around here, people usually buy jiaozi wrappers from one of the local Asian supermarkets. I don't know anyone who makes them from scratch. But I guess there is no other choice if you don't have an Asian market in town.

    As far as I am concerned, jiaozi are all about the filling , the wrapper is just there to hold things in place. My wife used to make tastier jiaozi than any other jiaozi I have tried, home made or store bought.

    Reine Nervensache ≣ 1999 ≣ Trailer

    Alas, she forgot her recipe because she never writes anything down. Not sure whether the knitters here are also interested in crocheting. While cleaning out my email inbox, I found this:. In the seaside town of Brighton, England, textile artist and knitwear designer Kate Jenkins has been making delectable crocheted foods since After working in fashion knitwear for more than 20 years, she started experimenting with crocheted food art when she realized she needed appealing photographs to put on her website.

    This crocheted and knitted - have a closer look at the squids seafood is really wonderful. Perhaps I should make some next weekend Now that you mention it, yeah, even I can see that the squid is knitted.