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Women who choose to leave institutions are, of course, capable and skilled in engineering, but they are sidelined in a discipline that continue to privilege men. Just like many marginalized people in engineering, Layla and her partner were limited by a system, in this case the Animus, so they altered an existing technology.

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When the Animus required live DNA to be of the same lineage, the Assassins and the Templars had to fight for control over a few select people, Desmond Miles , Subject 16 , or a Sage characters from previous games in the franchise. In order to explore the memories of Bayak, an Animus project she stumbled upon, Layla only needed a sample of DNA from any mummified remains thousands of years old.

Thanks to her, anyone can now explore the past through memories locked away in DNA.


This small change is literally game-changing. It dramatically alters how the past is accessed by Animus users, and by extension, gamers themselves.

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Even though video game narratives have yet to make an appearance in literature or cultural anthologies, we must pay attention to how people write and play them. Issue Archive. About Us. Jul What to do? That means enlisting the services of one wily chap named Declan Mulqueen Gere. As in many stories of this ilk, guns and weaponry are treated with noticeable reverence - the assemblage, the mounting and the testing.

Worse, the dialogue is just plain dull and way too thick. Much has been ballyhooed about Bruce Willis doing an acting stretch in this enterprise. Fortunately, for those of us who get a kick out of his screen stuff, Willis gives it the same old cheek-chic.

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In the same splashy way, Gere gets to flash an Irish accent.