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In another 10, years, the disk was worn down to a vestige of its initial diameter. The reduced size corresponds to our current solar system. The leftover material in the disk managed to withstand the UV onslaught.

Born on the Zodiac Cusp

Planets were born. But there was more battering to endure. The explosion Massive stars don't live long. And they die explosively. Once you see it, it is almost embarrassingly obvious. The turbulent heart of the Orion Nebula is another typical scene of massive star formation.

The Birth and Death of the Sun - Universe Sandbox²

Among the mysteries addressed by the new scenario is the puzzling abrupt end to the Kuiper Belt, a region of cometlike objects that extends a ways beyond Neptune. The injection of radioactive material from a supernova might even have helped create ultimately hospitable conditions on Earth, the scientists speculate.

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Importantly, the whole theory comes with testable predictions. All rights reserved. More from Space.

The Message of the Stars, by Max Heindel

Show discussion. Space on NBCNews. Below: x Jump to discuss comments below discuss x Next story in Space related. Astronomers contend that our solar system may have been formed in a similar process. In this image of the Trifid Nebula, the process of triggered starbirth can be seen in vivid detail.

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Discuss: Discussion comments. Expand Collapse. View all comments. Leave your comment. Most active discussions votes comments. Related: Space Advertise. More from. Good news for hunters of extraterrestrial life: Water may be more widespread in planetary systems than previously thought. A team of researchers studying the origin of the water in our solar system has concluded that up to half of it formed before the sun itself was born—that is, in the cloud of dust and gas that was the progenitor of our solar system.

If water can form in abundance in such clouds, then it may be found everywhere.

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  • Our solar system is awash with water. Apart from Earth, water is found on the moon, Mars, Mercury, comets, and the icy moons of the giant planets. But where did it come from? Water is known to form in the clouds of gas and dust of the interstellar medium ISM from which planetary systems coalesce, but is it destroyed when the newly formed sun starts pumping out heat and light, only to be formed again later? Or does that primordial water survive star formation and remain around us today? To answer that question, a team led by astronomer L.

    Ilsedore Cleeves of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, focused on deuterium, a heavy form of hydrogen that was created in the big bang along with normal hydrogen.

    Sun in Aries

    There are about 26 deuterium atoms for every million hydrogen atoms across the universe, but it is six times as prevalent in the water on Earth and in other solar system bodies. But that enrichment of deuterium happens only under certain conditions: It has to be very cold only a few tens of degrees above absolute zero , plus you need oxygen and some sort of ionizing radiation to get the reaction going.

    All of those things are available in the ISM.

    The ionizing radiation there is cosmic rays, particles from distant sources that zip through space at high speed.