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And finally, the legendary island of Madagascar. Beautiful rolling savanna turns into dense jungle as you ascend, before stunning waterfalls and moorland guide you to the summit. The peak is sacred to many of the Malagasy people, so you must ask permission of the village chief before you can summit.

Offerings must be made to the gods as you stand on the top of this beautiful island. If you want to follow in my footsteps, Adventure Peaks in Ambleside are promoting and running all the expeditions. For more details, click here.

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Interested in doing this What fitness, ski, climbing skills do you need and over what duration do you do it in? You need a good level of ski fitness, particularly for Baffin, the ability to scramble at Grade 3 UK and some experience on Via Ferrata. As for timescales, well its up to you. I took five years as I was working at the same time, but if you were at it non stop, a few months should do it.


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The Seven Summits: A view from each continent's highest point

Located within the bay of Azerbaijan's capital city Baku, the 1,, square metre masterplan will include seven residential developments, which the architect claim are based on the shapes of famous mountains in Azerbaijan. The island will make use of solar heat panels, photovoltaic cells, waste water and rainwater collection, and an offshore wind farm.

The project will be part of an exhibition called Yes is More, which opens on 20 February at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen. See a movie about the master plan on the architects' website.

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Zira Zero Island is a 1. This new architecture not only recreates the iconic silhouettes of the seven peaks, but more importantly creates an autonomous ecosystem where the flow of air, water, heat and energy are channeled in almost natural ways. A mountain creates biotopes and eco-niches, it channels water and stores heat, it provides viewpoints and valleys, access and shelter. The Seven Peaks of Azerbaijan are not only metaphors, but actual living models of the mountainous ecosystems of Azerbaijan. Each of the Seven Peaks house a residential development derived from the geometry of a famous mountain in Azerbaijan.

Individually each mountain becomes a principle for mixing private and public functions. Together the mountains form an organic skyline merging with the natural topography of the island. A dense vibrant urban community connected to a series of private resort villages by a central public valley and surrounding beaches.

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A continuous public trekking path connects the mountains and invites visitors to scale the top of all seven peaks. In addition to the Seven Peaks the Master Plan also includes private villas that take advantage of their setting with panoramic views out over the Caspian Sea. By help of the wind, the sun and the waste the Island will produce the same amount of energy as it consumes.

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In a society literately built on oil this will serve as a showcase for a new way of thinking sustainable planning. Following other ambitious eco-city projects like Dongtan in China and Masdar in Abu Dhabi this project will cause the carbon emissions of people living there to decline over the next decade. From an engineering point of view we are just as thrilled by the challenge of letting the design of the buildings reflect the shape of the mountains of Azerbaijan.

The vision of Zira Island is to create a new development that is entirely independent of external resources — in other words a self contained island. By combining the best of the traditional Azerbaijani building tradition with the newest technology, Zira Island will provide excellent living spaces for people, with a minimum usage of resources.